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    Our Advantages

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    About Us

    The company’s „NIDL” production plant “Zelta grauds” works in the corrugated cardboard manufacturing and packaging market since 2005. The plant offers corrugated cardboard production of different kinds. Our main aim is the qualitative service in the corrugated cardboard packaging market. We offer the collaboration in the sphere of packaging materials production.

    We produce the corrugated cardboard and various packaging kinds of this material for different purposes:

    • corrugated cardboard transport package;
    • boxes for tinned goods, semi-finished products;
    • spacing corrugated cardboard material for glass bottles;
    • ice-cream package;
    • confectionery, meat and milk products package;
    • corrugated cardboard package for building materials;
    • package for textile products, furniture, etc.;
    • metal products package;
    • gift and presentation material package 

    You can order different kinds of  corrugated cardboard production:

    • three-layered corrugated cardboard, thickness 1,5 – 4 mm;
    • five-layered corrugated cardboard, thickness 4,5 – 7 mm

    We use technical equipment for package manufacturing: 

    • corrugated cardboard production machine, width 2250 mm;
    • cardboard processing line: rotary cutting machine, semi-automatic box sawing machine Tigler; 
    • two-colour flexoprinting machine; 
    • semi-automatic machine for box pasting.

    Our company offers favorable and flexible payment terms and discounts for regular customers. Prices for each product group is determined individually, depending on choice of materials and product specification. 

    Successful order fulfillment in a short time frame.


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